5x7 Food/Beverage Designs

This is where our food and drink embroidery designs are located.


  • Bread Basket 5 5x7

    Bread Basket 5 5x7

    Embroidery Design Bread Basket 5 5x7

    clipart by diddybag.com
  • Ten 5x7 Fruit Kitchen Towel Designs

    Ten 5x7 Fruit Kitchen Towel Designs

    Ten Exclusive designs for your Kitchen Towels in a 5x7 size, they stitch beautifully and fast.

    Please Scroll down to see ALL detailed designs in this set.
    $10.00 save 15%

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I made these designs into coasters for Easter Bruch we will be having. They turned out beautifully and now I am putting them on the corners of the table cloth to follow the theme.
Mar 1, 2016