Design Hunt

Design Hunt

Christmas designs 4x4 set 1 FIVE designs
This is just a sample of the designs hidden on our website, yes, there are MORE!!

Throughout our website, you will find
certain "links". Clicking these links will
get you a sample of our work.

Please read our rules before doing our hunt!
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Welcome to our design hunt page. At least once semi-annually we do a design hunt. We will offer an alpha, singles, or a themed set. You can hunt through the site to find the free designs. We will also hide the designs in our group from time to time. You can join our group below to make sure you don't miss any of our hunt freebies.

Look in the description part of our designs for letters that look like A, B, C etc Click on the letter to download it.

Designs may also be located in our group files, So
please make sure you join our group below because, You may miss out on getting all
the designs unless you are a member of our group.

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    Rules For Our Hunts
1. Hints will not be given on this hunt- please do not ask.
2. If you ask for hints in our group, you will be banned    
3. If you share file locations, you will be banned.             

The hunt designs are located throughout our site.

Please respect our rules if they are continually broken, our hunts will be discontinued.
Please remember to shop at the sites you love, or the sites you love will no longer be there.
Copyright(C) Dollarstitch 2001 all rights reserved, free items are for personal use ONLY and
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It's fabulous !!!!!!! Imade this as. A gift for a work colleague s new baby Being new to embroidery I've never done FSL ( let alone heard of it) So it took a while but with much appreciated help from along the way from Kary I made this fabulous carousel I used variegated thread in pastel colours added some tassels as tails & an idea Kary gave in to put a battery tea light into the top .now it's a petty day & night in the nursery .if you buy this you design you won't be disappointed Ann UK
Aug 21, 2015