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This category contains our embroidery doilies. Be sure to look for the other sets to go with most of these such as, coasters, bowls, etc.

We proudly use multiple clipart sources for our embroidery designs including, but not limited to

Clip Art Designs by Graphics Factory  Clipart.com  Personal designs by Connie Perry
Drawit4U Clipartopolis and various other sources, please refer to our CREDITS page to view all sources.



  • Butterfly Doily 2 4x4

    Butterfly Doily 2 4x4

    This doily goes with our butterfly bowl (sold separately) Do a search in the top box for butterfly to see the bowl that goes with this doily. Add this embroidery project to your collection today.
    $2.50 save 10%
  • Candy Dish doily 5x7

    Candy Dish doily 5x7

    This doily goes with Candy dish one or 2, but it would make BEAUTIFUL coasters as well. Add this embroidery design to your collection today.
    $2.50 save 10%
  • FSL Daisy Doily 4x4

    FSL Daisy Doily 4x4

    FSL Daisy Doily for the 4x4 hoop.
    $2.50 save 10%
  • Heart Doily 2 FSL 4x4

    Heart Doily 2 FSL 4x4

    Valentines Heart Doily 2 FSL 4x4 Add this embroidery design to your collection today.
    $2.50 save 10%
  • Music Doily 4x4

    Music Doily 4x4

    This doily is 4x4 in size and stitches out beautifully. This doily compliments the Music bowl that we have on our site home of the low cost embroidery designs
    $2.50 save 10%
  • Snowflake Doily 4x4

    Snowflake Doily 4x4

    This is the doily only (bowl not included) Add this beautiful doily to your embroidery collection today, brighten any room. Add the bowl to make this collection complete.
  • Tear Drop Doily 4x4

    Tear Drop Doily 4x4

    September 2006 design This doily can be as big as you want it, it comes in 4x4 hoop size and is stunning. It matches our Tear drop table cloth.
  • Valentines Heart Doily 4x4 FSL

    Valentines Heart Doily 4x4 FSL

    Valentines Heart Doily 4x4 FSL Add this design to your embroidery collection today.


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It's fabulous !!!!!!! Imade this as. A gift for a work colleague s new baby Being new to embroidery I've never done FSL ( let alone heard of it) So it took a while but with much appreciated help from along the way from Kary I made this fabulous carousel I used variegated thread in pastel colours added some tassels as tails & an idea Kary gave in to put a battery tea light into the top .now it's a petty day & night in the nursery .if you buy this you design you won't be disappointed Ann UK
Aug 21, 2015