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 Q: Do you manually punch your designs?
A: yes, all our designs are manually punched.

Q: I don't like putting my credit card info on the internet, can I call you?
A: yes, we can also accept orders over the phone. 

Q: Is your site secure?
A: Yes, Any address with https (s stands for secure) our check out pages will always start with https.

Q: Your design didn't come with instructions, how do I do this project?
A: We always offer our instructions on site,

You can see them at instruction link on bottom of each page or to see instruction area now: 

 Click here to go to Instructions

Q: I see a design on your main page, but it is not coming up under the catagory, Where is it?
A: We have retired some of the older designs to make room for the newer designs, ALL designs however, are offered on our cd  Click Here

Q: Why do you offer your designs so low?
A: Honestly, we believe in giving back what God has given us, no, we are not getting rich, but we are happy.

Q: What credit cards can you accept?
A: We can accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover by website or by phone.

Q: I can't do Pes designs, Can I convert them?
A: Yes, you can use Buzz tools or Embird or another program of your choice to convert our designs, all designs come with a color chart.

Q: Once we buy your designs can we sell them on clothes etc?
A: Yes, You may sell them at flea markets, craft shows, etc. Our designs may not be added to items that are sold to large chains like (R) Wal-mart (R) K-mart etc.

Q:  Once I buy the design is it mine?
A: No, you are simply buying the license to stitch it out on items. Please read our copyright terms that come with all designs.

Q: Do you do custom work?
A: Yes, We normally charge $50.00 per design/size If the design is extremely large we reserve the right to charge a little more. Contact Us

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