HELP! I can't download! I have a membership

This page was set up to help the few people emailing us about why they can not download, or why they can not see a download link for a design or project.

This is due to your browser storing older pages, and can be set on your browser to not store pages..

Lets see if we can help you :)

Here are a few Q&A's

Question- I can't seem to get a download button to show up when I click on a design/project

Answer- Are you sure you have a download membership on our website? Has it expired? Please go to your Paypal account and make sure you actually have a payment to us. If you have canceled your Paypal subscription, your account has been closed per our terms of use..

Question- I know I have an account, why can't I see a download buttons below  to the each design picture? Download button only refreshes and appears when you click on the design, link or picture.

Answer- This is a biggie with a LOT of people, Windows has a bad issue of storing older pages(cache) when you visit a website. This is your computer settings, and how you set your page views.  here is a quick fix for this.

You need to log into our website correctly.
On the website you will see a little person icon with two boxes to log into our website with. Use YOUR information to log in.
username- (your username here)
Password- ( your password here)
First, make sure you log in using your login information.  You will know you have logged in as the red logout button will appear to the right of the login area.  Your are now logged in.

(if you have TWO accounts on our website, please use the correct one to log in with) We are slowly removing duplicate accounts that are not membership accounts to avoid confusion for members and customers.

Once logged in, just visit the Dollarstitch Embroidery website, and start downloading.
To download, just click on an item on our website, click the link or picture for the Download Now Button to appear. Click on that Big Red Download Now Button and your download will begin.

If you have logged in correctly, you will see the download link once logged in correctly. if not, please clear your internet browsers cache (history) because your computer is storing an older page in your system memory.
To Clear your browsing history....

First off open up your internet browser (Internet Explorer..your browser settings may be different).

go to the TOOLS option at top.
click on INTERNET OPTIONS at the bottom.
Go to BROWSING HISTORY...and click on DELETE... Now go to Tools , Internet Options, General and look down toward the middle you will see browsing history and to the right a "Settings" Click on that and fill in as shown below \/\/ be sure it says every time I visit the webpage it checked.

More on settings :Once there a window pops up, this is where your settings come in.
Highlight all tabs EXCEPT ( DO NOT CLICK ON) the PRESERVE FAVORITES WEBSITE and the PASSWORDS..leave those two empty, and click the DELETE button at bottom.

You have now emptied your systems browsing, you need to reload the Dollarstitch page to store a NEW page. so,

Go to and sign in as above.

If this has not fixed the problem, then more then likely, you have two accounts on our website, and you will need to log into the correct one to download. If this has not helped, please feel free to email us using our contact us page with the words LOGIN HELP as the subject line. 

Please note since we upgraded to a more secure site and implemented ssl, please be sure you have your address in your profile as without an address your account cannot be re-enabled until you have provided an address. This is a required item on our new enhanced security protocol.

NOTICE!! If we see you have two accounts, or have not updated and included your address or you are using the incorrect username or password to enter our website, there WILL be a $4.00  charge for us to look up your account. If this is the case, you need to pay via the link below. This is a charge for us to look up your information.

This is the link to pay for us to look up and /or enable your account. If it is a mistake on our part, we will refund this charge back to you. However, if it is your computer settings, A forgotten password, or a duplicate account on our website, you will be charged this amount. above, and try the items above before you click this button.


Please use the button above ONLY if the above Q&A's do not help you and you need us

to assist you with your account. 


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I made these designs into coasters for Easter Bruch we will be having. They turned out beautifully and now I am putting them on the corners of the table cloth to follow the theme.
Mar 1, 2016