How do I download?

Hi all,

So, you have purchased a design, or a Dollarstitch Download Club Membership.

Lets get you started downloading with a Dollarstitch Download Club Membership first.

1) Sign in using your username and password.
This is done on the left side of our website, right under the Authentication link.

2) once you sign in, click on ANY item on our website.
Now click on the link, or  picture and the page will refresh with the Big Red Download Button will appear below the design.
Click it.

3) Save it to your computer in any folder you wish.

That's all there is to it.

If you have any problems, just email us at

Thank you for choosing Dollarstitch Embroidery for all your machine embroidery needs.

~~~I am not a Membership Member and I individually PURCHASED DESIGNS~~~

So, you have purchased your designs and need to download them?

1) Sign in and shop as you normally would. Adding items into your cart.
2) pay for your designs
3) watch your email for an email from our website.
4) click the links in the email from our website, and then save to your computer. These download links expire in 48 hours. 

Again, if you have ANY problems, please email us, we would be very happy to help you.

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It's fabulous !!!!!!! Imade this as. A gift for a work colleague s new baby Being new to embroidery I've never done FSL ( let alone heard of it) So it took a while but with much appreciated help from along the way from Kary I made this fabulous carousel I used variegated thread in pastel colours added some tassels as tails & an idea Kary gave in to put a battery tea light into the top .now it's a petty day & night in the nursery .if you buy this you design you won't be disappointed Ann UK
Aug 21, 2015