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How To Make Instructions: 

Making Christmas Cards

Picture Windows


Christmas Tags Applique 

Cell Phone Covers

Check book Cover Applique

Make A Clock

Finger Puppets

FSL soda pop covers

Fly Swatter Covers

FSL Card Holder

Notepad Holders

Gift Boxes

Grandmothers Quilt Blocks

Hot Pan Covers

Dress Towel Toppers

Lace Bowls

FSL Sleigh

Wind Catchers

Paper Dolls

Digitizing on Candles & Soap

Digitizing On Toilet Paper

Tissue Box Covers

No Show Back Towel Toppers

Towel Toppers

Baby Shoes

Food Tents/Bells

No Show Back Potholders 5x7

Boys/Girls Wallets


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I made several of these for friends whose pets passed away over the year. I made each one sided and on the back side I glued a photo and put the year and name of the pet on . I did this on a separate fabric and the slide it under the hoop before the final globe stitches. Every person was so touched by the thoughtful gift. I recommend this to anyone as a gift for a friend who has lost that special pet.
Jan 3, 2018