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By accessing our website located at  https://www.dollarstitch.com
you agree to the terms set forth herein, if not please leave the site now.

The items for sale here on this site are sold with the following copyright agreement, and terms of use.
If you do not agree to the terms set forth, do not purchase any from this site.

All designs shown/seen on this site are copyrighted by Dollarstitch.com 1989 To Present Day.  These terms apply to purchases made directly from this website, or designs purchased from any cd or dvd we sell on this website or other websites as well.

 You may use these designs to stitch out on items for yourself, or for sale.

The cd or dvd you purchase, or the designs purchased are licensed to the original purchaser only,
and may NOT be transferred to another person, company, organization, or entity.

You may not sell, transfer, copy, trade, share or distribute any of our designs, usb, dvd or cd whether in part, or whole without prior express written permission from Dollarstitch(tm) for any reason.

All copyrights apply to  Downloads, Usb's, CD's or DVD's purchased, items purchased from our website, off our website, or
graphics used on our website,  even if graphics used belong to other companies.

Our copyright, and terms of use also apply to memberships purchased from the site https://www.Dollarstitch.com.

Any member who has his/her account removed for sharing,  either their passwords to our website, or designs
will not be issued a refund on their membership once cancelled,
 and will be held responsible for loss of income, due to the theft of our designs.

Other membership terms of use can be located at https://www.dollarstitch.com memberships category where you can sign up for a subscription service, or download membership. These terms here also apply to those terms and are to be considered as a whole.

Purchased designs, usb's, dvd's or cd's purchased from our website
 are licensed to the original purchaser only. It is buyers resposibility to backup their purchase. 

We will not be able to replace your files after purchase however If you purchased within 45 days we will 

assist you in replacement for a fee of $15.00. 

No resale of any item purchased from Dollarstitch(tm) is permissible in digital form.
You are allowed to put our designs on items for resale.


      Clarification and more website terms


By accessing our web page at 

You agree to the terms set forth herein,
if not please leave the site now.

Dollarstitch.com provides this web site to you, subject to these Terms of Use.
The Terms of Use may be updated by Dollarstitch from time to time without notice to you.
Please be sure to review our Terms of Use and our subscription terms.
Please note BOTH basic terms of use, and our subscription terms of use need to be read,  and understood PRIOR to purchasing anything from our website.
If you do not understand the terms of use, please do not purchase ANYTHING from our website.

The Site is controlled and operated in whole or in part by Dollarstitch from its offices within the United States and/or Canada.

You acknowledge that Dollarstitch reserves the right in its sole discretion to refuse or terminate access to the Site by you at any time.



The Dollarstitch items for sale or for free here on this site
are sold, or given away with the following copyright agreement.
If you do not agree to the terms set forth,
do not purchase any item/items from this site, and
do not download any samples, or free embroidery items/designs.

Any/All designs shown/seen on the sites above are copyrighted by
 Dollarstitch.com(tm) 1998-2015.
These terms apply to purchases made directly from this website,
or designs purchased from any usb, cd or dvd we sell on the website.

You may use Dollarstitch designs to stitch out on items for yourself.

You may use Dollarstitch designs to put on fabric for sell.

You may change colors, or alter the size to fit your personal needs for
craft shows, or embroidery business sales of the finished product.
(stitching out the actual design on items to resell)
Copyrights still remain to https://www.Dollarstitch.com

1. You can stitch out Dollarstitch.com  designs
as many times as you like (no limit)

You may sell the items you stitch on, however you may not resell our designs usb, dvd or cd for any reason, as they are licensed to you the original purchaser only.

You may NOT sell, trade, share, distribute
the actual Dollarstitch design whether in part or
whole without express permission from Dollarstitch.com.

You may NOT
 Edit my design so it is changed, and then claim it as your own.

You may NOT
 distribute my design or cd in ANY way, Not even to have the format changed by someone else.

 You may NOT
use a program to edit, or take portions
of my designs and claim it as your own.

The designs and projects from my website were created by Dollarstitch Embroidery(tm).

The designs and projects are protected under international, and USA law.

If you purchase any designs from this site, and break
my copyright on any of my designs,
you will be held legally
responsible for all attorney fees
and expenses arising from court fees,
lost time, or loss of income arising from court date/s.

We will retire items from our downloads area, or off the site itself
as needed. The retired designs and projects will not be available for  download once they are retired . However any purchased design retired or not are still subject to copywright, and our terms of use and conditions as shown.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.
Thank you



Subscription customers , or download members will  have access to members designs straight from the site
with the following terms of use.


September designs are available in September, November designs in November, so on and so on.
Those designs/projects may or may not be moved , to other categories once that month has expired .
Once those designs are moved, members will need search should they wish a design that showed up in a prior month or time.  Some designs may only be available in their download month and may not be located on the site after that month.



you may NOT log in with more then one browsing window at a time. You may NOT use an ftp program to manipulate the download process.

We expect ALL users to log into their account, and use one window to download designs/projects from our website. (This makes it fair to everyone) .

If anyone, and any time deliberately logs in , in a manner that puts a strain on our website, that account will be removed, and/or suspended.

Please remember that your account is a privilege, and may be blocked at any time if you abuse our system.


We will not refund payments for a subscription, or an embroidery design/project  on our website for any reason as they are considered media files, and are to easily stored on hard drives.

We try to provide new and different designs each and every month, this is so our members can receive new designs. However, this is not a given. We will release the amount of designs we are capable of doing each month, in our own time frame :)

We appreciate all memberships, and purchases to our site.
 If you need to email us please feel free to use the contact us button on our front page.
 Please Allow us at least 72 hours to answer emails, as we normally receive around 200 emails per day.

Members can download from the items available.  The new months designs are uploaded withing each month and are not uploaded all at one time.  They may or may not be available after the month passes.  


Any paying customer that files a fraudulent claim with Paypal, their credit card company or their bank for a refund of subscription fees,  a usb, a cd, or dvd saying it was not purchased by the account holder, not received, or for any other reason,  will immediately have his/her account closed and no refund given.  We will also, at our sole discretion, disclose your personal information to our Yahoo group, or groups, our newsletter, or any other form of mass communication if you defraud,  try to defraud, or file a claim, or unauthorized payment against  us. This will be done to prevent you from defrauding others as well.

Our terms of service may change from time to time, so you will need to check back to see if our terms have been updated.  If you fail to look, read, and understand our terms of service please email us before you sign up for a membership to our site.  We are very happy to explain our terms of use to you :)

Please remember, our website is automated with Paypal. If you cancel your subscription for ANY reason, (or Paypal cancels it for you) this will completely remove you from our website. Please make sure you do not cancel your membership subscription until the day you are ready to leave our website.

If you wish to cancel your membership to our website, all you will need to do is to cancel your subscription, however this will cancel your membership within a few minutes, to a few hours, so be sure you are ready to leave when you do this.

Anyone who does not cancel their membership, and we receive an e-check that bounces, (non payable) is subject to a $25.00 fee for the returned e-check PRIOR to being allowed to rejoin our download club membership for fees associated with closing your account.

Remember, our membership is not mandatory to anyone, we have it so individuals can save their hard earned money, and download from our website what they want each month.

Leap Year Note:

On leap years it is very possible that you may lose a day or two, or, gain a
day or two on your download club memberships.

We do not offer refunds for time lost during a leap year.
so please take this into consideration when purchasing a membership during a leap year.




Members, or users of this website may only use their usernames, or passwords to enter
the download area of our website. Our website logs everything, think before you try to
login using someone else's information.

We are VERY busy, and if you email us to ask us to cancel your subscription please do so on the day you wish to have it cancelled. We will NOT do this for you on a future date as we are to busy to remember everything.
If you request your account to be closed, or subscription cancelled it will be done at our earliest convenience.
If this means your request is prior to a rebilling notification cycle, your account will be closed as soon as we can, and MAY end up with you missing out on designs released prior to your renew date.
(No refunds will be given when this request is received).


Our terms of service may be updated at any time, without notice to you. Please be sure to check back often to insure you are following the terms of use on our website, and for our embroidery designs, or projects.

ALL items on our website are supposed to be in .PES format. We are currently working to

provide other formats.  Right now other formats are available under the specialty designer category.  We are happy to convert a design to another format for you and our fee is $3.00 for this service.  However, we will not be responsible if your chosen format does not work correctly as our designs are produced using the .pes format.
Clipart on our website have been received from multiple sources. Please refer to our credits page to locate where clipart has been purchased from. IF we have inadvertently left you out, or have forgotten you please email us ASAP, and we will add your name, or company to the list.


To all subscription and download members-
If for any reason Dollarstitch machine embroidery is sold, it will be up to the new owner to allow you to complete your memberships. If you purchase a lifetime membership and our website is sold or closed, your membership WILL end on the date of sale to new owner. This means, you will NOT be allowed to continue a membership under the new owners terms of use and will have to purchse a new membership is one is available. 

Also, ALL subscription memberships WILL be canceled so the new owner can set up memberships under his/her Paypal account.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. Thank you


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