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Dollarstitch provides Quality Embroidery Designs at a Fair Price you get a good value for your money. We have both individual design purchase and a membership program is also available.  It is costly to have a website and run a business. We are happy to have our new specialty designer program which provides for individual design crafters to have the opportunity to sell their designs on an individual basis thru out designer provider program.  We welcome you to join our program if you are interested in participating. Just contact us via email and we would love to discuss it with you.

We provide supplies and related items for use in embroidery and to complement  your embroidery made products.

We strive to provide you with value for your money and

Our hours of operation are Monday Thru Friday and an occasional Saturday. We do try to check our email when possible  on the weekends in a customer is in need of assistance.

We take Privacy Seriously and we will not sell, publish, or provide your information to others. 

We hope you will enjoy our designs, products and service we provide. We welcome your suggestions and recommendations.  

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