Carousel and Carousel Jewelry box



(This process can also be used for the double Carousel as well)

You will need:

1 round bottom with cutout hole (carousel round bottom)
2 round bottoms with middle filled (carousel round bottom2)
8 side pieces (carousel side3)
5 heart tops (carousel topheart6)
1 pole piece  (carousel pole2)
4 horses (carousel horse)
1 tube white ceramic paint
1 dowel (Please see picture for size)
Craft glue
1 piece of long plastic

1.) Stitch 4 side pieces for the bottom (stitch into a strip) see picture below

2. Glue or Sew side pieces to strip to make the bottom. You need 2 round pieces for the bottom. I included one round piece that was filled and one that had the center cut out. You can choose which you would like to use. The top needs to have the cutout but if you want your box to be solid on the bottom, use a solid round piece for the very bottom. (great for potpourri)

3.) Follow these steps again but leave the top round circle OFF as this will be your jewelry box top. We didn't use the filled one in the example pictures, but if you want a solid jewelry box use the filled round piece for the top.

(4) For the top you need 5 heart pieces (like picture below) the top just sits on top so you can take it off and add whatever you like to your box top.


(5) Middle Pole- I glued a piece of plastic, probably 1/8" wide and the length of the piece.
I then glued it to one side, let it dry and then put glue on the plastic and folded it over on top of the plastic making the round pole you see below.


(6) Measure and cut your dowels (paint and let dry while you do the above steps) then glue into place

(7) Glue horses to dowels and place on Carousel, you can place your horses higher and lower on the dowels to give it a more realistic look. See finished picture below. Add flowers or ribbons to complete.