Check Book Appliqué~ Instructions

You will need:

1. Wash away or tear away stabilizer
1 front
1 back
2 inserts
Quilt Basting Spray

Step 1- Hoop wash away or tear away stabilizer (this is the insert part of the check book you will need 2)

Step 2- Stitch first out line (to show where to place your batting.

Step 3- Lay down your batting and stitch second outline. Cut as close as you can without cutting
your outline. If you cut to close the fabric will pull out at the end.

Step 4- Lay down your fabric and stitch third outline and then trim like you did with the batting.


Step 5- Stitch design (if there is one)

Step 6- Turn your hoop over, and use a spray to place your fabric  on the back. We used a Quilt Basting Spray.
stitch last outline.

Step 7- Again trim as close as you but do not cut outline.

Step 8- Stitch final satin stitch and this piece is complete.

Do the same thing with the front and back of the check book, you should have 4 pieces when all are finished.

To Assemble:

1. Lay front and back side by side, make sure you have the designs facing down, and do a zig zag stitch to sew together.
We go over it twice just to make sure it's strong and will hold.


2. the inserts go on the inside, of each side (as follows) line it up to where both sides can be zigzag together
as in the picture below. The round edge should be on the edge of the check book cover. Place one insert on both
sides of of the check book cover (one on each side on the inside)

Your check book cover is complete