How To Make Christmas Cards

Hoop a good quality tear away stabilizer

Stitch out the first step of the pattern on the stabilizer, then remove hoop from machine but do not remove stabilizer from hoop.

Spray lightly with adhesive spray

Make sure the "face" of your card is up when you place it in the stitching area

After you secure the card to the top of the stabilizer (via adhesive spray) you can turn it over and make sure you have the card centered over the first stitch out so the design will be centered on the card

Stitch your design just as you normally would

Gently remove the stabilizer away from the outer edges of the design

Then comes the fun part! You can add a liner to cover the bobbin work
and scrap booking cutters can make interesting edges.
The designs can even be gently colored in with colored pencils
or anything your imagination can come up with!