Christmas Tag Instructions



Hoop a good quality wash away stabilizer like Vilene, or a thick tear away stabilizer, and stitch the first step to show you the placement for the fabric

place fabric, right side up, over the stitching lines ( can use spray adhesive if desired)

Stitch the next line of stitching to secure the fabric

Remove hoop from machine but do not unhoop the fabric, using small snips trim the fabric as closely to the stitching line as possible without cutting the stabilizer

I also like to use just the tip of a blade to snag JUST the fabric and trim inside the circle too

Re-attach hoop to the machine and continue stitching design

When you get to the step that shows a 3/4 outline remove the hoop before stitching it

turn your hoop bottom side up and lightly sprits the design area with a spray adhesive

Take your backing fabric and fold down at least 1/2" to the wrong side and press to form a nice finished edge

Place the fabric over the design area on the back of the hoop (the spray will hold it in place just fine) making sure the folded edge of the fabric is to the top

After stitching the next step ( the 3/4 outline) remove the hoop from the machine again and trim as close to the stitching as possible on back

return hoop to machine and finish stitching design


Remove stabilizer and Voila!  one adorable little taggie that can be used as a gift tag or as a money or card holder for gift giving!