Make A Clock Instructions



Clock (you can get these from Wal-Mart or a dollar store)
Lightweight Stabilizer
Glue Stick

1. Hoop Felt and Stabilizer and embroider


2. Remove hands and Paper Face from clock.


3. Place Paper Face from clock on back of your embroidered design and align Hole in clock face with embroidered one.

4. Draw a circle around the clock face and inside center hole.

5. Cut stabilizer and felt along line and carefully cut center hole to fit over clock center.

6. Use glue stick to glue stabilizer to felt around embroidery design.

7. Cover clock with glue stick and back of stabilizer.

8. Align the number 12 with the top of the clock and press firmly to clock. Smooth the embroidered clock design completely. Do not leave any spots puffed up. Let Dry in place.

9. Place clock hands back onto center and snap front into place.

10. Install a battery and hang.