Towel Toppers Instructions.
  1. Hoop stabilizer. I used Ultra Solvy for most of them. But a heavier tear away works too.

Stitch out first outline. Remove hoop from machine but keep stabilizer hooped.

  1. & 4. I use quilters basting spray and spray the back of the material to hold it good when I stitch the second outline on top of the material.

Then I cut as close to the stitching as I can. I use an appliqué scissors. They work great.


This is with the extra fabric cut away. The stabilizer is still hooped. Put the hoop back on the machine and finish stitching the design. You won’t take the hoop off the machine again until you are done with the stitching.

Embroidery is finished and out of the stabilizer. Time to finish the towel.

7. I use the same thread that I used for the satin outline. First I attached the lace. Fold under at each end as shown. I sew on the right side. That is the side that will show.


 I cut my towel in half and sewed a basting stitch at the top then gathered it. When you gather it, tie a knot at each end to keep it tight.

Then I pin the towel from the front and sew down.

  1. Now we will attach the back. For the back piece you only need to stitch out up to the satin stitching. (Do not stitch the design itself)

    Again, I pin from the front. Sew all the way around and you are done.

    Back view.