Heavy Wash Away Solvy
Material of your choice
Quilt Batting
Adhesive Spray

A couple of hints:
Make sure you don't overspray adhesive spray. It will let the WSS stretch.
When sewing the quilting stitches stop machine after they sew one direction
and trim jump stitches on front and back of design. This will save you
a lot of work when you get to the end.

1. Hoop WSS and stitch first outline.

2. Spray back of Material and lay over outline.

3. Sew second outline and remove hoop from machine. Trim material as close to outline as possible.


4. Continue sewing until you complete all of the apple design.

5. Remove hoop from machine. Spray quilt batting and attach to back
design. Then spray another piece of material and attach on top of batting.

6. Sew next outline stitch and trim batting and material as close to
outline as possible.

7. Continue sewing all of the design.

8. Attach towel with running stitch along the bottom of towel topper.

9. Cut a slit in the button hole.

10. Attach button to back of towel topper.

You can also look at our No show back potholder instructions to get a better idea of how this is done.