Instructions for Candle & Soap
Heavy wss
mod podge
Clear Acrylic Sealer
Add together,  2 layers of heavy wss(I only had light so I added an extra layer and it worked fine) one layer of tulle, and then 2 layers of heavy wss on top and then hoop all together as one unit
Baste stitch for security and then stitch out design.
Remove from Hoop, and then GENTLY and SLOWLY, start removing all the layers of wss and tulle one layer at a time until you have only your design left. 
Now, run your design quickly under warm water, and then pat dry.  While it is still wet (with the excess removed by patting )  apply it to the surface of the Candle/Soap or what ever your creative little mind would like to have this on and hold for a minute or so to form it to the design.  Let dry, but keep watching it and rubbing it gently against the item you are trying to stick it too until it is dry. (This is only to keep it to form to the article it still needs to be glued on) 
Now, after it is dried, apply Mod Podge with a brush or sponge over top of the design.  It looks white but will dry clear.  After, the Mod Podge is dry then apply Clear Acrylic Sealer to protect it.