Tent Food Cover instructions

You will need six panels to make the tent.

Hoop either one or two pieces of Vilene or whatever Wss that you use.

Then stitch six panels Stitch together using zigzag stitch

It should look like this when sewing the panels together

When all pieces are sewn together, it should look like this.

Next step is to rinse the tent out then let it air dry put a balloon on the inside so it can form itís shape and dry like this 

 Or you can turn the item around having the balloon underneath like This or you can dry each panel separate until dry then sew it together.

After the panels are dried just steam iron them to straighten them out

Now to feed the ribbon into a button for the top like so.


Now feed the ribbon to the inside like so.

And pull the ribbon all the way down to the button so that you can add the second button on the bottom part.


It should look like this by tying a knot like so.
And this is what it looks like so pretty too with the humming birds finish project.