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Lace Bowls

Lace bowls are pretty simple, count the number of sides on the base of the bowl and stitch that many sides out. 

1. Use wash away stabilizer I have found most use Vilene, but if you use H2gone layer 2 sheets. Layer the first sheet on your hoop horizontal and the other sheet vertical and stitch your sides.
 If your base has 6 sides you need to stitch out 6 sides.

3. Rinse your bowl in hot water, do not rinse all stabilizer out (if you want a firmer bowl) Let dry.

4. You can place something heavy on them to get them to lay flat or if you have plastic canvas place them between 2 pieces of plastic canvas and pin together with clothes pins to get the panels to dry straighter.

5. When sides and base are dry, lightly spray with a starch if you want a firmer bowl.

6. Take to your sewing machine and zig zag to the base and then zig zag up the sides of the bowl.

Note: you can also do this before rinsing your bowl (washing out your stabilizer) 
soak your bowl after you zig zag it together.