Strawberry Non Shown Back Potholder 5x7

Supplies Needed

Your choice of material
Quilt Batting
Heavy Wash away Stabilizer
Adhesive Spray

1. Cut a 1 1/4 inch by 4 inch piece of material.


2. Fold long side to center on both sides and press.

3. Fold in half and press again.

4. Sew along outside edge to create a loop for your potholder.

5. Hoop heavy wash away stabilizer and spray square of material with

fabric adhesive and attach to top of hooped stabilizer.

6. Sew all colors until strawberry design is completed.

7. Remove hoop from machine and trim material closely to outline stitch.

8. Turn hoop over and attach loop you made earlier at the corner with adhesive spray.

9. Spray quilt batting and place over back of hoop. Then repeat with another piece of

10. Return hoop to machine and sew next outline stitch.

11. Remove hoop and trim batting and material closely to outline stitch. Do not cut loop.

12. Return hoop to machine and finish sewing last two colors.