Instructions for Toilet paper Design

1 roll of toilet paper
cut away stabilizer
tear away stabilizer
glue stick (optional)
Hoop your cut away stabilizer, print out worksheet for design and use template to mark where you want your design to go.
Take your roll of toilet paper and folder back 1 square to make 4 layers and place on your hoop. now I like to use straight pins for securing it on the stabilizer and if you know where your design is going then place the pins at a safe distance away.  (use what ever method that you are use to to keep it in place)  When putting the toilet paper on the hoop, unroll enough of it so it isn't going to be pulled during embroidery and put the roll behind the machine. 
Then I add a layer of tulle on top and then a layer of tear away, I move the needles to keep all of them together pinned to the hoop
This makes it nice and secure 
I then used the basting stitch for embroidery to make sure the design is going where I want it.  (it didn't ruin the toilet paper at all) or you can just start stitching out the design.  After I did the basting stitches, I then removed the needles as they were no longer needed.
I then stitched out the design, remove the design GENTLY from the hoop and start to remove GENTLY the tear away, and then GENTLY the tulle, turn it GENTLY around and cut the excess cut away off. 
After it was finished, I added some glue stick to the back of the cut away and GENTLY rubbed the design to the roll to make it from unrolling.
You can either wrap it in cellophane, tulle, or put in a basket for a set and you have a unique gift.