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Heavy Wash away Stabilizer
1 sheet of felt or material of your choice
1 button
1 kitchen towel
Tear away stabilizer
Light wash away stabilizer

1. Hoop Heavy Wash away Stabilizer and sew first color.

2. Remove from machine and lightly spray felt and stick to front of hoop covering outline.

3. Sew out second color and remove from machine. Trim felt closely along the last color stitched.

4. Return hoop to machine and sew all colors of design until the last four colors.

5. Remove hoop and spray second piece of felt and attach to the back of the hoop.
6. Sew fourth to the last color and then trim excess felt closely.
7. Sew remaining colors and remove from hoop.
8. Cut a small slit the size of your button in button hole.
9. Sew button to the back of towel topper making sure to not sew through the front piece of felt.
10. Hoop Tear away stabilizer, towel and top with light wash away stabilizer.
11. Embroider matching design on towel.
12. Fold towel in thirds and sew towel topper on. I started sewing in the middle and then bunched the towel to fit and sewed to end. Leaving needle in down position raise presser foot and turn topper around and sew to other side bunching to fit again. Then sew back to middle again.

This makes your towel double stitched to topper.