Fly Swatter Ornamental Covers



Don't you Just hate ugly fly swatters. Cover them so you can hang up and see something nice rather than the utilitarian look. There is an extra outline in this project in case you want to add fabric at the beginning and no outline. That is up to you, but if you don't want to do that you don't need to.

1. Hoop water soluble stabilizer

2. stitch 1st outline

3. Spray a piece of batting a little bigger than your outline  with basting spray and stick over the outline. Stitch outline 2 over the batting. Trim close to stitching. Keep in hoop.


4. Do the same with your fabric, Still in hoop.



 5. Now do the embroidery design.
6. Spray a piece of fabric and place on the back. Do the outline stitch and trim close to stitching.
7. Using same color bobbin thread, do the satin stitch around. Now you can take it out of the hoop.
Do the same as the front except you won't do the embroidery design. It will be blank. But you will still do the satin stitch.
Zigzag front and back together, wrong sides together, using the same embroidery thread and bobbin. Leave the top and bottom sides un-sewn so you can slip it over your flyswatter.  Now you are done.

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