FSL Gift Card Holders

FSL Card holder is pretty simple

1. Remember that FSL is a stitch intensive design I always recommend slowing down your machine when doing FSL designs in order to get the best stitchout. Now you can begin with your front and back designs.

2. Use wash away stabilizer I have found most use Vilene or Badgemaster, but if you use H2gone layer 2 sheets. If using two layers , Layer the first sheet on your hoop horizontal and the other sheet vertical and stitch your sides. First stitch out both front design and set aside. Then the stitch out the back FSL design.

3. Rinse your designs in a bowl of hot water, do not rinse all stabilizer out (if you want a firmer holder) Let dry. The more you rinse the less stiff the finished item will be. I sometimes put a mesh on top

Of the washaway if I want my design a bit stiffer.

4. You can place something heavy on them to get them to lay flat or if you have plastic canvas place them between 2 pieces of plastic canvas and pin together with clothes pins to get the panels to dry straighter.

5. When sides and base are dry, lightly spray with a starch if you want a firmer bowl and press each one between two cloths making sure not to stretch them out of shape. I use a dry iron and just place iron on the cloth up and down and do not push the iron around. Be sure not to leave the iron get two hot and melt your threads.

6. Take to your sewing machine and zig zag to the base and then zig zag up the sides of the bowl.

Note: you can also do this before rinsing your bowl (washing out your stabilizer)
soak your bowl after you zig zag it together.