FSL Soda Top Covers


1. Hoop your wash away stabilizer


2. Stitch first outline


3. Lay down your fabric (hoop or user spray to hold down)


4. stitch second outline and cut as close as you can without cutting into outline


5.  Lay down your batting and follow the same steps

6. Lay down Fabric and follow the same steps.

7 Stitch out design

8. At this point you can add a back if you like, lay fabric on the back (right side up)
and stitch final satin stitch or to get a closer cut, back up your machine to the outline stitch and
stitch the outline, then cut around like you did the front, Then stitch the final satin stitch.

You will need 4 of the lace borders (sides)


when you get all 4 stitched out, rinsed and dried, lay side by side and stitch them into a row. Close the end by stitching the satin ends
together, Glue or zig zag your top on and your finished.