Grandmothers Fan Instructions


1. Place wash away stabilizer in hoop


2. Sew out the RED stitching and when Machine stops take hoop out from machine.

3. Place your main block on the stabilizer covering all of the square or just the first top left hand corner of the design. I like to have the whole square covered as it gives it more strength.

4. Sew out the Tangerine color.


5. Take hoop off machine and cut fabric as close as possible to the stitching without cutting the stabilizer or the thread.

6. Put hoop back under machine and sew out the zigzag stitches .

7. Sew out the next Red color when machine stops and place next color to your fan in place.


8. Continue with these steps until all the fan pieces and center are filled.



9. Sew out the purple stop.. Take your hoop off the machine and cut around the whole square as close as you can to the the thread without cutting it or the stabilizer.


10 . Put the hoop back in the machine and sew out the last color which is the satin stitch all around the square.

11. Take the hoop off the machine and tear or cut it away from the stabilizer and you have your quilt square all ready to use.


****** NOTE****** you don't have to change the color each time as this only enables the machine to stop so that you can take the hoop off the machine and put the material on or to trim the fabric to the stitches. I use the same color all the time so that it is all uniform.