Instructions for the hot pan take along.

With Zipper

With Velcro

1. Make all your pieces first doing them by appliqué.. (see example of Applique)
Hoop your stabilizer and run a row of stitching around .
Cut quilting a bit bigger than the area to be quilted and run another seam around.
Take hoop off the machine and cut excess stabilizer up to the seam line without cutting the thread.
Put a piece of fabric over the quilting again a bit larger than the area to be covered.
Put back under the machine and stitch another seam around.
Take hoop off the machine and again cut the excess to the seam without cutting the threads.
Do your embroidery designs on the fabric..
If no designs go directly to next step..
Take off the hoop and place your fabric on the area of the piece you did above.
I use temp spray glue to adhere it to the spot..
Put hoop back under the machine and do another seam around the piece you are doing.
Take hoop off the machine and without cutting the threads , again cut the fabric closely to the seam line..
Put back under machine and do the last satin stitch around the piece you are doing.
Now The Fun Part..
ASSEMBLY of your hot pan take along.
YOU can do it many ways.. you can make a 9x9 pan size.. or a 9x13 size or even bigger.
 All you have to do is make as many pieces to make the size you want.
9x9 will take 9 pieces on top and 9 plain ones on the bottom and depending how high or how
you want to close your hot pan take along depends on how many side pieces of designs and plain ones you need.
1 To Use a zipper.. you will need all the sides in the leaf designs.. you will need 28 of them..
The picture of how you would put these together is like
Only do the 2 sides and the front with the zipper.. the back will be sewn to the top and bottom. Then you will have to sew the side blocks to the top and the bottom of your pan take along.
2.This is the one that you are going to see done as it is the one that I am using.
For this one you need..

12 top pieces with the designs/lettering on them.. 12 bottom plain pieces..

14 side pieces with the leaves on them and 10 pieces of the plain ones.
For this one I am going to use Velcro to close the hot pan holder.

 for the front and back of the hot pan holder sew 4 of the side pieces of leaves together
and for the 2 end pieces sew together 3 pieces for each side.
For the bottom of the hot pan holder.. sew together all the bottom pieces.. and then as above.. sew together 3 plain side pieces.. 1 for each side and then sew together 4 of the plain ones for the front of the take along.
Sew both 3 pieces to the bottom of the holder..
Sew the 4 piece one to the one side of the bottom..
Do the same for the top of the hot pan holder using the leaves side pieces.

Sew the Velcro on the back side of the leave panels to match the Velcro
you have already sewn onto the bottom panels of the hot pan take along


This time.. do all 4 sides of the hot pan holder /tote.. cause you will be using this to take hot pans to your pot lucks..
when you have finished this.. sew the top and bottom of the tote together on the back side..
Sew Velcro onto both the 3 sides and 1 four side..

for the bottom.. sew the velcro on the outside of the sides.. and for the top.. sew the Velcro under the leaves..
Sew up all the corners and voila you have your hot pan tote ready to use.