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Hi all,

Our new specialty designers individual purchase is up and running.  We hope you will enjoy the new designers.  We have had some glitches in the site upgrade process  but I am happy to report that we have completed all those upgrades.  By the end of the month one of our specialty designers will be uploading some great fsl ornaments for those pet lovers.  We also we be putting up in our november membership download a few stand alone ornament circles and ovals so that you can turn any design into an ornament.  That will be so much fun..


Please update your wish lists as we are putting together a list for 2015 and will concentrate on trying to get some of those wishes to come true for you. 


I appreciate your patience during the transition from old dollarstitch to the new dollarstitch website and as the new owner just want to say thanks to all of you.


Wishing you a happy thanksgiving with you and yours.  Your suggestions are always welcome.





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