Notepad Holder instructions.


  1. Hoop water soluble stabilizer.


  1. Stitch 1st outline. Remove hoop from machine. But keep WSS hooped. It will stay hooped until the very end.


  1. Cut a piece of fabric bigger than outline and spray a little glue (I used quilter’s spray glue) on the wrong side of the fabric. Stick it over the outline on the back of the hoop. Do your next outline stitch.



  1. Removed hoop from machine, again leaving it hooped and carefully cut around the outside of the outline stitching. I use an appliqué scissors.


  1. Now return to the machine. You will next stitch the words. Remember it is the bobbin thread that will show through to the right side. So use the same color in the bobbin as the top.


  1. Remove from machine again, still keeping it hooped. And cut a piece of batting and spray it with glue and put it over the previous outline and stitch your next outline. ( You can substitute felt or fleece for batting) Then trim as you did with the fabric before.



  1. Make a small tab. (optional)   I used a small piece of fabric 2x3” and folded it in half right sides together. Stitch down 2 sides, on a regular sewing machine, using the folded side for the top. Trim corners up by the folded edge and turn right side out. Cut a piece of Velcro ½” and sew on. Put that side up and use a little bit of glue stick  to hold it in place. Stick the tab to the top of the batting.


  1. Cut a piece of fabric next and spray that on top of the batting. Stitch your next outline and trim close around it like you did previously.


  1. Now we are ready to do the pockets. WSS is still hooped. Stitch the placement outline for your first pocket. Take a piece of fabric, fold in half and make sure it is bigger than the outline. You will use the fold for the top of the pocket. I used school glue to kind of hold it in place, but if you are careful you can use a couple of pins. Stitch next pocket outline stitch and carefully trim excess fabric around pocket. Do next two pockets the same.



  1. Use the same color thread for bobbin and top and stitch your satin stitches around the pockets and outside.


  1. Remove stabilizer and sew the other half of the Velcro to the front so you have a closure.



  1. You are done.