Hoop a good quality water soluble stabilizer (like Vilene, shown here)

Spray lightly with adhesive spray


Then add a single layer of this wonderfully fragile bridal tulle (you can skip the adhesive step and hoop the tulle with the stabilizer but tulle tends to be easily torn and stretchy
so I like to avoid anything that might distort the design.)
Tulle also comes in a wide variety of colors and sparkly ones too!

Then comes the fun part... stitch out the design!

A gentle tug will pull the tulle around the edges away from the design, then trim the water soluble close to the design.....

Rinse the design in clear water for just a few moments till the stabilizer falls away ... if left in very long it will not stiffen nicely when dry

Blot the excess water from your design and dry as desired

Finished Result