Instructions For Girls And Boys Wallets


First Step

Hoop Wash away stabilizer

Stitch First outline, this shows where to put your batting down.

Place Batting down, and stitch second line.

Trim as close as you can to the outline stitch, do not trim to close or it will pull apart.

Lay fabric down and stitch next outline. and trim like you did with batting

Stitch Moffit stitch

 Use a Spray glue and put a piece of fabric on the back, stitch outline, and trim again as close as you can.


Stitch Satin outline and remove from hoop.

Second Step

Hoop Wash Away stabilizer

Stitch First outline and then place batting down

Trim again as close as you can without cutting outline.

Place fabric down and stitch next outline. Then Trim as above.

Stitch Moffit

 Place Fabric on back and stitch next outline


Stitch next outline. This will show you where to place your fabric on the front. Trim.

This is what it will look like on the front.

Place the color of fabric you would like on line and stitch next line, then trim.


Keep doing this for remaining pockets.

Should look like this when all pocket are done. After you finish all pockets, the satin stitches are next and the second step is complete.

Zig Zag first step and this part together and you should have completed your wallet. Will look like picture below.