These are VERY simple to do, take about 15 minutes to make once stitched out, and take little resources when not much is lying around


We do not live near ANYTHING, all we have is a small grocery store, and when we went in they had a small bag of beads, so this is what we used.

You can add different items to these, beads, little plastic toys (glue on) etc.


This is our WindCatcher basic design once sewn out, follow these instructions:


Take a brass hoop (found at Wal-Mart(R) etc.) I am using a 5 inch hoop on this one.
start by taking your 1/4 inch Ribbon and take it through the brass hoop, and through the hoop of the design.

Loop it completely around the hoop, going through the design loops as well. be careful to keep the ribbon strait, and lined up while doing this. Make sure you pull enough Ribbon through PRIOR to running it around to fill the COMPLETE hoop, and design but having enough left over to make the ribbon at the bottom long enough.


As you can see, when you are finished, the ribbon will line up, directly where you started from, it still does not matter if the design is not centered yet. this is just to get the ribbon around the design, and hoop.

Now, gently...(do not pull to hard, it will wrinkle the Ribbon) Pull the Ribbon around the design, and hoop to tighten it up, tugging GENTLY at all sides until you have it straightened up on all sides, and even. (REMEMBER- you need the Ribbon to hang loose at the bottom evenly)

Gently tie the Ribbon on the bottom, then tie it again once tightened up. This ties the WindCatcher, and also allows you to have your bottom Ribbon for bows, beads, etc.

Now for more Ribbons.

Take you Ribbon, cut it at Approximately 19 -20 inches long (longer for longer Windcatchers)

Take the two ends, and hold together, (evenly)


Stick those two pieces of Ribbon THROUGH the brass hoop, (not in the design itself) like pictured

Then, take those two pieces back through the Ribbon hoop you have made when taking it through the brass hoop (this makes a small knot when pulled) You will also want to do this to the TOP of the Windcatcher, this gives you a Ribbon to hold it with

This is the knot you will end up with which gives you TWO small ribbons to add beads to.

Repeat this step as many times as you would like, you can add ribbon to all sides, or just the bottom as we have done.

Take your beads, and take trough the Ribbon,

Tie a small know at the end of the beads to hold them in place. Do this as many times as you would like, add as many beads as you would like. and when you have completed this step, you are done.


The finished product. YES, this is a SIMPLE design project, we had nothing much to work with here, however Wal-Mart(R) has plenty of designs to add to your Windcatcher, use your imagination, make it very pretty. cut your Ribbon to different sizes to add dimensions.